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Domestic Violence Compliance Program
The Domestic Violence Compliance Program (DVCP) provides an additional disposition for the court or agent of the court for men due to their acts of domestic violence. DVCP is organized in cooperation with NYC battered woman advocates. The program offers court mandated classes for men involved in a domestic violence offense toward their intimate female partner.
DVCP-Classesfor Men offers a fully developed curriculum of information about men’s violence against women in our society and how to end it. The curriculum also provides information about the historical, social and cultural aspects of domestic abuse with emphasis on accountability and personal choice.  Experienced domestic violence workers conduct all classes.
Participants attend a weekly 75-minute class for at least six months (26 sessions) or as specified by the court. DVCP provides compliance reports to the court for each participant.
DVCP classes are held in the evening, Monday through Thursday. Classes are taught in both English and Spanish.
To make a referral please contact one of our registration offices based on your location by clicking on the about us tab to your left of this screen.
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